Platinum Sponsor Pre-Conference Program

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

8 a.m. Tuscan Tower Meeting Rooms

New Research on the Role of Dietary Phosphorus on Fresh Cow Blood Calcium Status
Rod Martin
Sponsor: Protekta

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Salmonella in Dairy Cattle
Angela Rowson
Sponsor: Vaxxinova

Microbial Solutions on the Farm to Improve Plant Health, Silage Preservation, and Animal Health
Steve Lerner
Sponsor: CHR. Hansen

Is Milk Fat Depression Hiding in Plain Sight
Hannah Tucker
Sponsor: Novus International

8:40 a.m. Tuscan Tower Meeting Rooms

The Influence of Inflammation on Transition Cow Health and Performance
Erin Horst
Sponsor: Elanco

How Employee Training Leads to Retention
Luke Miller and Ulises Salas
Sponsor: Alltech

Amino Acids in Transition Dairy Cows: Beyond Milk Production
Johan Osorio
Sponsor: Adisseo

Large Herd Monitoring Success
Jordan Leak
Sponsor: Allflex

New Insights into Mycoplasma bovis Respiratory Diease in Calves
Doug Hammon
Sponsor: Zoetis

9:20 a.m. Tuscan Tower Meeting Rooms

Comparing the Accuracy of the Acumen On-Farm PCR System to Microbiological Culture for Detecting the Presence of Mycoplasma Bovis in Milk
Roger Saltman
Sponsor: Acumen Detection

Transition Cow Performance as Impacted by Vitamin D Status
Corwin Nelson
Sponsor: Phibro

What’s up with the Guts? An Inconspicuous Source of Inflammation
Brady Goetz
Sponsor: United Animal Health

Carbon Bank Sustainable Financing Workshop
Lotte van Laarhoven, Isa van Sandwijk and Ryan Findlay
Sponsor: Rabo

An Innovation Story: Methane Emissions and Dairy Nutrition
Mike Jerred
Sponsor: Cargill

10 a.m. Tuscan Tower Meeting Rooms

Treating Mastitis – Understanding Why Breaking Down Biofilm Is a Big Deal
Chris Chase
Sponsor: AHV

ProPeak: A New Approach for Early Lactation Cows
Luis Rodriguez
Sponsor: Innovative Liquids

Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Gold Standards overview: Why You Need to Have this Resource on Your Operation
Kerry Yanez, Jim Van Patter, Dave Casper
Sponsor: Dairy Calf and Heifer Assoc.

How to Minimize Stress and its Effects on Dairy Cows
Trevor DeVries
Sponsor: Jefo

Collaborative Computer Vision in Dairy
Charlie Hoffman and Ryne Braun
Sponsor: Ever.Ag & CattleEye

10:40 a.m. Tuscan Tower Meeting Rooms

The Future of Herd Management
Amit Golan
Sponsor: Afimilk

Feed Hygiene: Don’t Overlook This Hidden Challenge to Your Herd
Ben Saylor
Sponsor: Arm & Hammer Animal and Food

Leaping the Hurdles in Dairy Production
Craig Louder
Sponsor: Axiota

Ready, Set, Grow – Adapting to Change in Beef x Dairy
Lauren Kimble and Wayne Glaeser
Sponsor: Select Sires

11:20 a.m. Tuscan Tower Meeting Rooms

How Do We Get the Next 5lbs of Milk
Barry Bradford
Sponsor: Balchem

Techniques to Evaluate Amino Acid Bioavailability
Nancy Whitehouse
Sponsor: Kemin

The Genetic Fingerprint of Efficient Feed Conversion
Ben Voelz
Sponsor: STgenetics

Rumen-Protected Glucose for Transition Dairy Cows
Tim Brown
Sponsor: SoyBest

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